Information for First year students – subject „Mechanics 1 – Part Statics“

Homeworks bring points which will be counted for the exam. The maximum number of points to be gathered is 10. The first and the third homework bring 3 points and the second one 4. Points will be written to the students who defend their homeworks successfully. For each homework students select the structure which corresponds to their number from the List of Students given in the table below. Each homework has 6 variants of the condition. The students from each group select their variant as follows:


Group: 103 104 -
Variant: 1 2 3
List: List of students List of students List of students

Topics, Tasks and Examples

Topic Task Examples
Truss Constructions Homework 1 Example 1
Example 2
Support Reactions and Internal Forces Homework 2 Example 1
Example 2
Centroids and Moments of Inertia
Homework 3
Geometrical Properties
of Some Shapes