Exam information

„Strength of materials“ examinations:

Faculty/Specialty Session Date of the exam Room Time Signing up: at the bottom of this page
All Winter repeat
30/01/2024 1152 11:30 Start: 06/01/2024
End: 24 h before the exam

Exam instructions

  1. All students take a written exam with a certified student book and ID card or driver’s license.
  2. The exam is held on the date, hall and time announced by the academic department. Three astronomical hours are given to solve two problems and answer two theoretical questions.
  3. Necessary means for conducting the exam:
    • Leaflet for the exam on „Strength of materials“ – purchased from the bookstore on „Prof. Georgi Bradistilov ”3 (map) or printed from here. Several pages have to be clamped in case of printing from the site;
    • Calculator;
    • „Handbook of Strength of Materials“ or „Tables of Strength of Materials“ – editions after 2010;
    • drawing tools;
    • pens and pencils.
  4. It is not allowed to take a calculator, table or drawing tools from the neighbour during the exam.
  5. After opening the envelope with tasks, the exam ends with a grade. Leaving the hall without grade is not allowed.
  6. Each problem is evaluated separately. The two theoretical questions are assessed with a common grade. All grades are on a six-point scale.
  7. The grade in the discipline is formed as an arithmetic mean of the two grades of the problems and the overall grade of the theoretical questions.
    Note: If on at least one of the two problems the grade is not at least 3.00, the final grade is Fail(2), regardless of the grade on theoretical questions.
  8. The exam is taken with an average grade greater than or equal to 3.00. The final score above 3.00 is rounded to the nearest whole number.
  9. The results of the examination will be entered into the UISS system no later than one week after the completion of the examination. On the day of the students’ exam, the date, hall and time for entering the grades in the student’s books and for getting acquainted with the checked written works are indicated.


Tables for Strength of Materials are publised!

They are available in this bookstore under the title „Strength of Materials Handbook“. They can be used during the exam.