Information for Second year students – subject „Strength of Materials“


Each laboratory protocol brings 3 points.

Topic Protocol (blank)
Properties of Materials and Methods for Statical Testing Laboratory 1
Application of tne Finite Element Method for Determination of the Stress Concentration Coefficient Laboratory 2 & 3

Course works

Each course work brings 6 points if it is represented on time and defended properly. The term for each course work is 2 weeks after the tutorial in which it is taught. After this period 2 points are decreased for each week delay. Students select the structure which corresponds to their number from the List of Students given in the table below. Each course work has 6 variants of the condition. Students select their variant depending on their group number as follows:

Group: 101 102 -
Variant: 1 2 3
List: List of students List of students List of students

Topics and Tasks

Topic Task
Bending and Tension/Compression Course work 1
Unsymmetric Bending Course work 2
Bending and Shear Course work 3
Bending and Torsion Course work 4
Deflections and Slopes Course work 5


The points from the Laboratories and Course works (maximum is 30) will be gathered with the points from the exam (maximum is 70). The mark will be formed according to the table below:

Points: 0-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-100
Mark: 2 3 4 5 6