Exam information

„Strength of materials“ examinations:

Faculty/Specialty Session Date of the exam Room Time Signing in
All Summer
03/06/2019 1151 15:00 27/05 – 01/06
on the board
All Repeat
27/06/2019 1151 11:30 17/06 – 26/06
on the board
All Final
18/09/2019 1151 11:30 09/09 – 17/09
on the board

Exam requirements

  1. Each student must have a student book with a semester subscription stamp and an ID document.
  2. Mobile phones are forbidden! Standard calculators and Tables are allowed.
  3. Students have to write on exam blanks which can be purchased from this bookstore or printed from here. Several pages have to be clamped in case of printing from the site.

Tables for Strength of Materials are publised!

They are available in this bookstore under the title „Strength of Materials Handbook“. They can be used during the exam.