Exam information

Winter retake session

According to order of the Rector of TU-Sofia, the final examinations will be held remotely in an electronic environment, in accordance with the planned schedule.

Date Exam Time Platform Signing up
Strength of Materials 11:30 MS Teams Signing up: at the bottom of this page
End: 24 h before the exam

for conducting exams in strength of materials,
organized by the Department of Strength of Materials,
in a remotely present form in an electronic environment

  1. The exams are held on the Microsoft Teams platform.
  2. Retake exams are taken after prior registration at http://smat.info/en_exams/
  3. Retake exams are held in a specially created classroom. 24 hours before the start of the exam, only students who have registered in advance are added to this classroom. Students who do not register within 24 hours before the start of the exam will not be added.
  4. It is desirable that students check in advance their technical (hardware and software) ability to enter the classroom where the exam will be held.
  5. It is highly recommended to use emails with @tu-sofia.bg domain, pre-registered in the MS Teams platform, when registering for the exam.
  6. Participation in the exam is possible and permissible only in the presence of: constant internet connection, access to the MS Teams platform, a working camera and a working microphone.
  7. The student’s camera and microphone must be turned on throughout the test.
  8. Students participating in the exam prove their identity with an identity document (identity card or driver’s license), which they show on the camera of the respective supervisor conducting the exam, and can close their personal data. If a student is missed during this check or enters the platform with a delay, he is obliged to signal this by „raising his hand“.
  9. The examination is the form of a test for a given time, with a predefined final time for submitting the test. The test contains 15 questions: some of them are short tasks that students must solve and indicate the correct answer from certain answers, and the rest of the questions must indicate the true or false statement of certain answers. Each correct answer gives 1 or 2 points. The maximum test score is 20 points.
  10. To successfully solve the short tasks in the test, students must have a „Strength of materials Handbook“ and a scientific calculator.
  11. Solving the test begins after verifying the identity of all present students. The work on the test takes place entirely in the MS Teams platform. It is not possible to submit the test after the specified time.
  12. The exam ends with a grade for all present students, regardless of whether they have officially submitted their test by pressing the „Submit“ button. For this purpose, the students are registered by video recording of the whole exam, and through the software capabilities of the platform.
  13. The final grade is formed on the basis of the collected points, according to the following table:
  14. 0-7 points 8-10 points 11-13 points 14-16 points 17-20 points
    Fail (2) Acceptable (3) Good (4) Very good (5) Excellent (6)
  15. The entire exam is recorded on video, and the record is stored for a minimum of 2 years, in compliance with regulatory requirements. Upon entering the classroom during the exam, the student agrees to be recorded.
  16. The results of the exam are entered into the electronic system of TU-Sofia (UISS) within 72 hours after the end of the exam. Students know their grade through the UISS system.
  17. In the case of students who studied the respective discipline during the current academic year, who have certified the semester during which they studied the discipline, the grade is entered in a group protocol generated by the student office of the respective faculty.
  18. Students from previous years must receive an individual exam protocol from the respective student office before the exam. They are obliged to fill in the number of the exam protocol in the respective field of the test. In the protocol number is absent, the respective students will not know his grade.
  19. Students have the right to see the reviewed and evaluated tests. This takes place in the classroom where the exam was held. The supervisor announces the date and time interval (reception time) in which to cunduct the necessary videoconferencing.